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ECP Weekly devotion titled - Your Season "Of Unknown" can be your Blessing: You understanding that your season of lacking understanding in a particular circumstance(s) promotes you to not inflate the circumstance(s) which allows you to remain focus (not distracted) and continue in functioning in a natural manner waiting for greater understanding is a blessing. Go to  OR to read complete devotion. God bless you!  


ECP January, 2023 Norlbl (new or refreshed leisure biblical learnings) is a Christian monthly blog that provides content for the opportunity to review different definition of words in the Holy Bible while being mindful of biblical principles, expositions, and propositions. Go to  Click on ECP Community then go to Norlbl. Blessings in Christ!


The Apostle Paul identifies doings (flesh as an example) to exemplify thinking (what to think) which illustrates personal growth. This concise devotion is available at: 1)Login or sign up if not a ECP follower 2) Click on ECP Community 3) Click on Periodicals-Weeklies-Norlbl 4) click on Weeklies titled - Doings exemplify Thinkings: A reflection of growth   OR  Go to: Edifying Christian Publications Facebook page and click on "Follower" for reading of the devotion(s.) Have a blessed day!


Forums format has recently been established. The first topic of discussion will be moderated by Charles L. Robinson Jr. for your viewing and comments. You are encouraged to respond with comments regarding the topic. Why? Because your insight expands perspective on the issue at hand that opportunes help to others. Look forward to our discussion, see you soon!


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EECP Community: New, Free, and available to everyone - Forums, Groups, and Outings (including weekly bible ddevotions, monthly bible studies, and newsletters.) View and comment on topics; Engage in general or specific discussions; View and comment on bible devotions, studies, and newsletters; Find outings and fellowship with others in Christ.  May the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit be with you and your family!

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