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Charles L. Robinson Jr.


I am Charles L. Robinson Jr., author, licensed minister and ordained minister with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with earned credit hours toward a Masters in Divinity Degree. As founder and owner of Edifying Christian Publications, I personally welcome you to Edifying Christian Publications (referred here as ECP).  ECP has been birthed to provide various Christian faith based publications exclusively authored by Charles L. Robinson Jr. written and/or recorded for edification, exhortation, and quickening in the midst of glorifying God through Christ Jesus.

This ECP website consists of six sections: Home section; ECP Community section; Recent Events section, Contact section; Privacy Policy section; Terms & Conditions section.

The Home section provides an understanding regarding the purpose and heartbeat of ECP. Statement of purpose, supporting fundamental scriptures, biography, and introduction video are available for viewing.

ECP Community section consists of partakings for ECP followers. ECP followers are known readers and/or listeners of ECP writings and recordings that log-in to access: weekly bible devotions (Weeklies); quarterly new or refreshed leisure biblical learnings (Norlbl); Quarterly newsletters (Periodicals); Charles L. Robinson Jr. sermons (Videos); books exclusively authored by Chalres L. Robinson Jr. (Books); viewpoints on specific topics (Forums); interaction with other ECP followers (Groups); ECP followers at various outings (Outings); a collection of old writings and recordings (Archives).

Recent Events section provides information regarding current and developing ECP happenings.

Contact section identifies ECP's email address, physical mailing address, and telephone number. We would like to hear from those that desire to communicate with us.

Privacy Policy section gives information regarding the nature of ECP's priority to protect privacy.

Terms & Conditions section outlines rules and regulations for the use of Edifying Christian Publications website, located at


I hope and pray that your overall experience with ECP, including this ECP website as your resource, plants and/or waters spiritual seeds in your lives that imparts internal, self gratifying, God pleasing, spiritual transformation throughout this present ecclesiastical dispensation.

Joyful Facts About Me...

  • Chuckie Robinson III baseball fan.

  • Caleb Robinson football fan.

  • Spending time with family, exercising, playing golf, and reading during my leisure time.


Love you all in Christ,

Charles L. Robinson Jr.


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